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Simultalk 24G

Simultalk 24G Full Duplex Wireless
CRS-Simultalk 24G

The Simultalk 24G is a breakthrough full duplex wireless system that provides hands free, two-way voice communications.  This revolutionary intercom is not voice activated and there is no buttons to push.  To operate simply turn the radios on, set the channel and talk exactly like on a telephone.

The Simultalk 24g operates without complicated base station repeaters and is powered by rechargeable batteries (included) that provide five (5) hours of talk time.

With an operating range of 400 metres the Simultalk 24G is the ideal solution for people that need to communicate and work with their hands at the same time.

No ACA (Australian Communication Authority) Licence required.

Simultalk 24G package.

Additional Simultalk 24G Headset Options.


Crane / Construction,  Pit Crew / Racing,  Boating,  Plant Tours,  Skiing,  Shunting, Surveying and so many more applications where instant instructions/communications are essential.


Dimensions:  63.8mm x 36.3mm x 135mm (L x W x H)

Weight:            0.12 kgs

Modulation:     Frequency Modulation

Tuning:            PLL Frequency Synthesizer

Power:             4.5 Volt 700 maH Ni-Cad Rechargeable Battery

Battery Life:    Standby (70mA) = 10 hours  Communication (150mA) = 5 hours

Charging Time:  6 Hours for full charge

Range:             150 metres

Antenna:           Internal

IF Bandwidth:  180KHz


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